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Horse Tales For the Soul Welcomes YOU!

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Horsetalesforthesoul.com is here to inspire and entertain you. We have a mission to accomplish two goals with our website:

1. Share the life lessons that our animal friends are eager to teach us if we would just pay attention. Those life lessons make our lives run smoother and better, so it is worth learning those lessons through the true stories from dog, cat, donkey, mule and horse owners who have graciously been willing to share their true stories with the rest of us, and

2. Help raise money for Therapeutic Riding Centers and dog/cat shelters around the country through the sale of these wonderful books and audio books.

Horsetalesforthesoul.com has NO political agenda. We are just good old animal lovers who enjoy helping shelters and Therapeutic Riding Centers whenever we can. Our lives are better for the time we have spent with the animals in our lives. We recognize that on any given day, the dogs, cats and horses in our lives are often smarter than we are and you will see from these wonderful true stories in the various books that we are not alone in that belief. Some of these stories will have you howling with laughter while others will remind you of why you love your animals so much!

Thanks for shopping with us and for helping change the lives of the animals and the people in these wonderful programs by making your purchase today! 

By the way, your local dog/cat shelter is always in need of volunteers as are your local Therapeutic Riding Centers. As I have always believed, Those who volunteer always get the most out of the experience of giving! 

Bonnie Marlewski-Probert

Creator of the Horse Tales for the Soul, 
Dog Tales for the Soul, 
Horse Tales for the Funny Bone book series. 
Bonnie is available to speak at your next event and she also offers personal coaching for writers and individuals who are looking to live a better life. Click on the Coaching link for more information.