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Hard Cover, children's book is fully illustrated by famed illustrator, Bonnie Shields. Barney stars as the lead character in Liz's first children's book. Illustrated by Bonnie Shields, 'The Mule Artist', Barney the Lopsided Mule will make children and parent's grin and laugh with his tall, wide ears, and lopsided saddle. Children will learn about mules and the wonderful world of outfitting along with the benefits of eating a healthy, balanced diet. Barney the Lopsided Mule is a great introduction to our nation's National Forests, the backcountry, and the animals that can take you there.


Liz Hughey is a mud puddle loving mom from Brookville, Indiana. She has a degree in Geography from Indiana University and spent the better part of her twenties working as a horse guide and mule packer in the National Forests and Wilderness Areas of Northwest Colorado. She now resides in Southeastern Indiana on her family's Red Angus beef ranch with her son and their rather large brood of pets. She and her son are the grazing managers to the ranch's grass-fed beef operation and spend most summer days with the herd. Liz has a passion for educating children in mules and horses, animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, healthy eating habits, and an organic, simple lifestyle.

Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Outstanding!!! Incredible story and fantastic illustrations! An instant classic. It's no wonder this was a #1 Best Seller. Pick up a copy ASAP!

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