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Below are some of the reviews for the

The Horse Tales For The Soul

series of books, ENJOY!


"I am constantly amazed at how deeply horses touch our souls. These stories continue to show us how lucky we are to have these animals in our lives. It doesn't matter if you own/ride horses or simply love horses, this book is here to remind us about how horses touch our spirit and guide us through pivotal life experiences. We are so lucky to have them and these personal stories!" Kathleen Castro, President. The Santana Center for Equine Education and Outreach (


"While reviewing Horse Tales for the Soul I found that this book had such wonderful stories I couldn't help but share them with my son. Ian, my 8 month old son, enjoyed many of the tales, sitting very quietly listening closely, and always turning to see why I had momentarily stopped reading to wipe away a tear. Thank you to all the authors who have shared such emotional pieces of their hearts with horse lovers everywhere. I found so many stories I could relate to in so many ways, whether a tissue box was needed or not. After I finished reading the last story I couldn't help but feel the urge to go out and get my own horse to start having my own horse tales to share..." Tifane Grayce Worsley. Artist & at home Mom. Reno, NV, USA.


"You are not alone. We belong to a herd of horse people who all deeply love these beautiful equines. Read about the heart-warming relationships between horses and humans, and the miracles that sometimes occur. Be prepared to exercise all your emotions... and want more." Helen Mason, Hackers' Hideaway - Avid Rider for 37 years.


"Thank you so much for allowing me to take a peek into these author's lives. These stories cover such a broad range of circumstances and yet they all have the same common denominator; a love for horses, especially that one special horse in one's life. I loved them and was so encouraged by these authors and their perseverance. Wonderful! Another life long horse lover from Florida." Rosemary Nolen, Lakeland Florida, USA.


"We all have special friends in our lives, and perhaps none more special than our equine friends. Horse Tales for the Soul takes a look at the extraordinary bonds between horses and people. From the tiniest miniature to the largest warmblood, from the beginning of new life to the end of a long one, you will finish the book feeling inspired and in awe of the joy in these relationships." Linda P, La Porte Indiana, USA.


"This book is a fine composite of stories told from the heart of human/horse relationships... A horse is honest, forgiving, loving, never divulges secrets and is very perceptive. A good book to read again and again." Howard Powers, life long horse owner and trainer. Author of numerous horse articles and one non-horse-related book. Marion, Iowa.


"I am a horse lover from early childhood and am a senior now. Because of health problems I have had to give up riding so thus I walked away from my love. This book reunited me with that love and brought back so many memories. I laughed and cried along with the authors and the loves of their lives. It is a wonderful book and I am so glad I have had the chance to read it. It truly shows the value of a horse in the family. No one should miss these opportunities... Truly a "treasure "of stories." Rosemary Nolen, Lakeland, Florida.


"In between the tears of joy and sorrow in reading these heart-warming tales, I have again felt the awe and wonder, the generosity of spirit in the connection between horses and their humans. It takes a lot of wisdom and courage (let alone a good sense of humor) to live our lives, especially when it comes down to proper horsemanship, and I for one am honored to have shared these amazing tales... Thank you all." Bandy Schmidt, Life-long horse lover, proud companion of Joe the Quarab. Lake Five, Wisconsin.


"Over a decade ago I stopped riding as a serious hobby. Today, after reading this book, I have been inspired to again take up this sport. While reading these pages I was reminded of the great learning, joy, friendship and inspiration that horses brought to my life, and how much I miss them. Thank you to all of authors for sharing their amazing stories and for providing the motivation to make new friends." Linda P, La Porte Indiana.


"Loosen the reins of your heart as you read of horses that have touched and enriched each story teller in this volume of Horse Tales for the Soul. Sharing them is a gift to the reader. Horses - marvelous creatures, each having unique qualities, give their whole heart and spirit, surprisingly appropriate for each circumstance! Time and technology have not lessened the value of this special bond." Charlotte Mead, Author, Germantown, Maryland, USA.


The Horse Tales series comes from the hearts of true horse-lovers. The humor, emotion, and passion shared in every story helps us realize that horses are so much more than winning a blue ribbon. They are a true gift from above and we are so blessed to be able to take part in their lives. Lisa Mazzocco, Champaign, IL


As horse lovers, so many of us have profound, comical and even enchanting stories of how horses have touched our lives. Not everyone takes the time to commit these wonderful glimpses of life to paper.


In Horse Tales for the Soul ...readers will laugh, cry, and smile wistfully at the musings of the various writers. One thing is for certain, the book is a true testament to life with equine ... full of wonderful surprises. Tess Vanattia, Editor- HorseSouth Magazine.


It is wonderful to read about such a variety of individuals - the humans ranged from boys and girls to grandfathers and grandmothers, and the horses included rescues, racehorses, and many more. These stories help us recognize that we, too, have meaningful tales to tell about our great good fortune sharing our lives with horses. Susan Rifkin Ajamian, Horse Caretaker & Science Writer.


"Horse Tales for the Soul Volume Three is an inspiring book for all animal lovers. It is especially touching to horse people, as they can relate to many of the stories you will find inside its covers. From the relationship between little girls and their horses, to learning to say goodbye, there is a story for everyone in this book. I may only be fifteen, but I think I am right in saying it is well-named, for they truly are horse tales for the soul." Alexandra Layos, Jr. Editor Saddle & Bridle Magazine, author, The Missing Link.


Take a break from your traditional reading habits and immerse yourself in this charming compendium of "horse tales." You don't have to be a lover of horses to fall in love with this book. Within its pages are all of life's lessons --the joys, the sorrows, the guideposts of responsibility for another living creature. Feel the wind in your face and the ratchety screech of saddle leather as you browse through these pages. What a kick! Mary Bilinkas, Chandler, AZ (retired college administrator).