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Bonnie's No-Nonsense Horse Sense, coupled with her sense of humor, study of LOA and physics and her vast experience working with individuals, nonprofits and others to maximize their success in life has made her "The No-Nonsense Coach" and someone who can help you jumpstart your life!  

Bonnie Marlewski-Probert worked as a professional horsewoman for many years before making the shift from "riding to writing." Since then, she has sold more than 1000 magazine articles to publications from Good Housekeeping to Sesame Street to Cooking, Science Journals, Dog, Horse and countless other markets. She wrote two syndicated columns for nearly 10 years, is the author of more than 20 books and has enjoyed doing many speaking engagements for large and small groups around the country. She is devoted to coaching individuals and organizations, helping them get "unstuck" and back on their success road. 

"I found Bonnie via word of mouth.  In my opinion, it’s the best
way to find a new colleague or business partner, no doubt
in my mind.  Bonnie came advertised as “enthusiastic,
with ideas that were completely novel, easy to work with,
etc., etc., etc.)  And I have to say, Bonnie is as advertised. 
Our hour plus first conversation flew by and ideas just 

came flooding out of her.  She is a non-stop volcano of ideas.
Better yet, she knows how to put these ideas into action! 
How great is that? 

Within a couple of hours of our first conversation, Bonnie had already sent 2 

follow-up emails, outlining my own personal course of action.  She is a go getter,  
super easy to talk to and someone who I think could easily become more than a 

colleague.  I can’t wait to get started." Jennifer Malott Kotylo, Author, “My Best 

Friend Betsy”, Producer, “Improve Your Riding Through Movement”

"Very inspiring & encouraging!" Mary K., Romance, Arkansas

"Bonnie is a lot of fun and has years of experience..." Brian, Gassville, Arkansas. 

 "(Bonnie) Cares about attendees - knowledgeable - kind of a "miracle worker, Inspirational." Lida C., Deer, Arkansas 

"I'm not one of those coaches who beats up their clients. My goal is to respect you where you are and help you or your organization move forward in a positive, productive manner. Most times, that means we talk about the issues and problem and solve them together with respect and caring. On rare occasion, if I really think you are badly stuck, I might politely give you a kick in the backside to get you moving forward again! In either event, my ONLY goal is to help you!" Said Bonnie.

This is one coaching session you will look forward to and we guarantee, you will have at least one life changing epiphany during your call or you get your money back! That is how confident we are that Bonnie is here to help you!

Her unique coaching approach is a cross between a loving Sister, Erma Bombeck, Tony Robbins and a swift kick in the backside from your best friend.

Bonnie is available for full hour phone coaching/ consulting calls and she provides her clients with Two Special Gifts: 

1. An audio file of each session so you can refer back to it over and over again. And, 
2. A 100% money back guarantee. If you do not have at least one major lightbulb moment during your call, we will refund your money! 

For a limited time only, Bonnie is discounting her coaching fees from her normal hourly of $250.00 to ONLY $50.00 and it comes with a full money back guarantee!!! 

It doesn't get any better than that, so, what are you waiting for. 

Special One Hour coaching session 
with Bonnie, ONLY $50.00. Unless you enjoy being STUCK,
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