Debugging Your Horse

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Debugging Your Horse is titled after a term that computer programmers use when creating new programs. After all the work to build the program is finished, there is a debugging process that occurs in which the programmer addresses any problems that pop up in a systematic manner, calmly and patiently until all the "bugs" are out of the program. As a rider, we all face "bugs" in our horses and this book is set up in alphabetic order, addressing the most common challenges faced by horse owners, along with answers. Inside this book, you will find actual letters that appeared in Bonnie's syndicated column, Tips for the New Horseman, along with her answers and in many cases, follow-up letters from the horse owners with their results. In addition, Bonnie has included additional information on most topics because she understands that each horse is different and what causes a problem with your horse, may not be the cause of the same problem with the next horse, but you are both facing the same challenge. Sometimes, solutions require different approaches to the problem and you will find plenty of options in this book!

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