Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi- by Amazon Best Selling Author Leslie McDonald

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Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi is an engaging, true life story as told from the unique perspective of Beamer the Corgi. It's a big job to become the Corgi in Charge of a working horse farm. Even more so when you have to overcome the Curse of the Fluffy. Branded in early puppyhood by a genetic hair flaw that sets him apart from other corgis, Beamer's undaunted spirit and perseverance bubble to the top of this entertaining book which brings a smile on every page.


5.0 out of 5 stars

For dog lovers and horse lovers, this book features Beamer the Corgi, a busy and bossy Corgi who lives on a real life working horse farm. Beamer is adorable and keeps up with the horses and the activities of his owners in a way that gives a taste of life from a dog's perspective on the farm. A good read!

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