Torey The Turtle Finds A Treasure COLORING BOOK - by Amazon Best Selling Author

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This wonderful coloring book is the companion to the full color children's book, Torey The Turtle Finds His Way. This coloring book allows children who have enjoyed the full color children's book to make it their own by coloring all the pages from the original book. We even included a place for your child to include their name as the colorist of their own book! What an exciting way for a child to bring their book to life! We encourage you to purchase both the coloring book and its companion full color book so early readers can experience the fun and excitement of enjoying the finished colorized book AND creating a special book of their own by using their imagination and creativity to colorize their Torey The Turtle Finds His Way book.

Torey The Turtle tells a tale With sunshine and good friends; A playful squirrel, a little girl A crow and a donkey grand. They look for you to colour With your own special style. Be brave and sure. Create their world The way your heart desires.

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