Join me on my journey to become a writer of fiction

Posted by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert on 3/11/2018 to Join Me On My Journey
Have you ever been good at one skill in life and thought, "I'll give this other thing a try. How much harder could it be?" Only to discover it was actually much harder than you expected! 

That's what I'm finding as I make the transition from non-fiction to fiction as an author. The only advantage I have over YOU is that I have already been the NEWBIE as a non-fiction writer and discovered that if I was tenacious enough, willing to learn, willing to admit that I didn't know what I was doing, EVENTUALLY, I would crack the nut and figure it all out (which I did, THANKFULLY and the result is that I have earned my living as a non-fiction magazine/book author for more than 20 years and counting).

I believe the same process will be true with fiction and for that reason alone, I'm HAPPY to be the NEWBIE. I'm HAPPY to EMBRACE the fact that I have a big learning curve ahead of me and since my background of writing instructional non-fiction included sharing information with my readers, I figured I would offer you the opportunity to join me on this journey of discovery as I transition from non-fiction to fiction. I promise you, I'm going to make all kinds of screw-ups along the way so you don't have to!

I come from a background in the horse world and I say to people all the time, the only difference between a green broke horse and a seasoned horse is 400 hours of mileage, consistency and patience. 

That's what this blog is all about. You get to follow my journey, learn from my mistakes, share in my successes and use the information I learn, as I learn it. I'm going to be blogging as things come up so either check back often or sign up to follow the blog so you don't miss anything! THIS is going to be fun for both of us!

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